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Advanced (6) Weeks Double Kettlebell Program

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What’s included in the Double Kettlebell program ?
  • Forged To Endure: Six weeks of uniquely programmed double kettlebell training workouts. (Value $497)
  • Bonus #1: An Advanced Nutrition Guide so you know exactly what to eat to provide your body with the right fuel to grow and recover. (Valued at $97)
  • Bonus #2: A Special Breathing and Performance Technique meant to make longer and harder workouts painless. (Valued at $67)
  • Bonus #3: PNF Stretching Techniques to help you increase muscle flexibility and strength. (Valued at $77)
  • Bonus #4: A Quick 14 Minutes Development Warm-Up designed to greatly improve your core strength, flexibility, and overall resilience. (Valued $89)
  • Bonus #5: Access A Donkey Kong Clean Tutorial Video designed to help you build incredible muscular endurance and strength without getting yourself injured. (Valued at $47)
  • Additional Bonus #6: A Private Facebook Group to connect you with others also taking the Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior training program. (Valued at $497)
  • ​Lifetime Access! Includes free access to new modules and bonuses! (Priceless)

Total Value Of $1,371

Yours Today For 
ONLY $497 $75

Hear from Bill’s Raving Fans!

IKFF Founder says Bill Esch is Truly Best-of-the-Best!

" Bill Esch is the Kettlebell Warrior, that rare breed of world-class athlete, world-class coach, and world-class student. Truly Best-of-the-Best, always striving, always, growing and always inspiring. Bill embodies a core value for me, which is leadership by example. He leads from the front by doing and showing the way. Athleticism isn’t enough, theoretical knowledge isn’t enough. Can do and can teach. Bill has it all and it is an honor to know him as a friend and colleague. Any chance you have to learn from Bill, run, don’t walk to train with one of the greats in the world of fitness and health education.”

-Steve Cotter
Director and Founder, IKFF

Coach to NBA All-Stars & Olympic Athletes says Bill Esch will change your life!

"I have traveled around the country working with elite athletes and exceptional high performers in many disciplines!  I have never met another true expert, in the field of fitness, who possesses more high-level knowledge across a wide variety of modalities.  Bill Esch is truly one of a kind and his knowledge will change your life!  I travel with kettlebells in my car and check his Instagram on a daily basis to learn new movements. His programming has me constantly looking forward to my next workout!"

-Terry Shanahan 

Nutrition & Optimal Performance Coach to NBA All- Stars, NFL Veterans, PGA Tour Players , Olympic Medalists, NCAA National Player of the Year, Elite Business Leaders

11 Time World Champion says Bill Esch is among the best in the world!

" I met Bill in 2013 and that was an unexpected and strong inspiration for me.

I am an 11 x World Champion now, and back in 2013, I was 4 x World Champion and current Russian National Team Member.

I had never been challenged by USA Kettlebell Lifter before.

He beat me that day and I was so happy about it!!!

Because for me, that was a sign of a great future for Kettlebell Sport in USA.

Kettlebell Sport used to be “Eastern European” Sport, but a man like Bill is bringing Kettlebell Sport to the next International level.
Bill was successfully competing against other World Recognized Champions demonstrating unreachable results by American standards of 81 repetitions in Long Cycle 32kg, and that record is standing still today & is recognized worldwide.

Being such a superior level athlete, especially in such an unexplored and new sport for US, with the lack of educational information, requires a great talent, patience, and consistency.

It’s so easy to see all those qualities the first time you see Bill.

Besides his athleticism, his intelligence, optimism and passion about sport and healthy lifestyle have such a great energy shining from him.

Over the years knowing Bill, it's great to see him being not only a great athlete but a gifted coach also, who’s inspires and helps many people.

I’m considering Bill as one of the top Sport and Fitness specialist in USA and in the World, as well as being a great man and am happy to have such a great friend!"

-Denis Vasilev,
Kettlebell Sport Multiple World Champion - All Rights Reserved - Copyright 2021