& Build a Body That Looks and Feels Invincible

Join the most advanced, most challenging kettlebell training program in the world, brought to you by America’s 1st kettlebell master, Bill Esch

& Build a Body That Looks and 
Feels Invincible

Join the most advanced, most challenging kettlebell training program in the world, 
brought to you by America’s 1st kettlebell master, Bill Esch

From the Desk of Bill Esch
1st USA Male MSIC in Kettlebell Sport
5x US record holder

Want that lean muscular look? The kind that screams performance…

The kind that’s an ideal balance of muscle to body fat?

A body that says “I have been forged by iron and will?”

Fitness experts have told you that to get such a body, it will take years of “bulking” and “cutting”.

Here is the SHOCKER…

It’s a big fat lie. I know - a pretty big thing for me to say. But I’m speaking this from experience.

I have owned and worked in gyms for 28 years. I have been trained by Russian National Team coaches (in Russia, the kettlebell is the ultimate tool for building a lean, powerful, muscular body).

I have competed in kettlebell sports for more than a decade.

And I was the first American man to earn the title of Master of Sport International Class (MSIC) in kettlebell sport.

I’m not saying this to brag...

Only to prove to you that most of the advice on kettlebells choking the internet is only half of what you need to know to fully unlock the potential that a single kettlebell can hold.

Most of the kettlebell experts are just repeating techniques they have seen online or in some book.

Yes, some of them can do a few strongman tricks and put on a show for a few reps, but they have never tested themselves or their methods in the trenches of international competitions.

What I’m sharing with you, the Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior program, has been tested in the field. 

You won’t only get the lean muscular body that you have always wanted, but keep it 24/7 365 DAYS A YEAR!

Year-Round Gains With No “Bulking” or “Cutting” Done Anywhere with the #1 Training Tool 

That’s right - using just ONE tool to achieve the body you always wanted. The same tool the most elite military forces in the world use to test their soldiers if they are elite enough - the kettlebell.

This simple, elegant tool can transform an average soft-bodied man into an iron-willed workhorse.

But this does not happen just because you own a kettlebell. Or because you have seen a video that shows you how to lift.

If you want a body that makes you look like a kettlebell master, you need to use the same techniques and principles used by the masters.

It’s Not Magic. It’s Not a Secret. It’s Science.

In biomechanics, there is a principle known as environmental molding. What this means is that your environment molds your body.

The Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior program provides an environment where you can create a lean, functional, and muscular physique by using reliable, time-proven methods.

This unique Body Molding system covers four core principles that you won’t find in any other program. 

These are the exact principles used by kettlebell masters: 

  • Principle #1: The developmental warm-up
  • ​Principle #2: Time under tension strength training
  • ​Principle #3: High-density kettlebell training
  • ​Principle #4: Proprioceptive Neuromuscular facilitation 

The Developmental Warm-up

This is an extensive system that relies on the body’s natural developmental movement patterns that were given to you at birth and set you up to be bipedal (walk upright).

These patterns are hard-wired into your system. If you practice them daily you can keep your body healthy and mobile as a child.

Time Under Tension Strength Training 

When programming strength workouts, there are 6 major components: exercise selection, sets, reps, weight, tempo, and rest.

Each of these 6 variables plays an important role in the results that you will get. But there is one MAJOR ingredient that almost everyone overlooks…

TEMPO or time under tension.

Studies have shown that 60-90 seconds under tension can result in major gains in strength by increasing the stability of the joints.

Stronger joints = Greater ability to create force

Time under tension not only creates incredibly stable joints but also produces a drastic increase in the growth hormone production, which is the holy grail of anti-aging.

This hormone increases lean mass, increases sensitivity to insulin, and decreases body fat!

High-Density Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells have a unique ability to create high levels of lactic acid in the blood. 

Why is this important?

Well, Hala Rambie, a Romanian exercise scientist discovered that producing high levels of lactic acid in the blood sends a message to the brain to accelerate its production of the growth hormone.

In layman's terms, this is the secret to gaining muscle mass and losing body fat!

The Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior program uses unique training techniques used by kettlebell sport athletes and adds in a mix of functional training that produces incredible results, fast.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)

Strength is gained in the range of which it is trained. Want a strong resilient body? Then you better learn how to stretch scientifically.

The Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior will teach you how to drastically increase your flexibility with PNF stretching techniques. 

These techniques not only increase the ability of a muscle to stretch but also increases its ability to contract.

Why is this important?

It gives you a fuller range of motion. This increased range of motion increases your ability to train each muscle to its fullest potential, and in the process build long sinewy muscle.

On top of that, the muscles recover quicker. Allowing the body to clear all of that lactic acid build-up, and get back to more training without any risk of injury or burnout.

The ULTIMATE KETTLEBELL WARRIOR program is the only program in the world that brings these FOUR core principles together in a well-structured, easy-to-follow format that anyone wanting to get lean and muscular can use. 

The ULTIMATE KETTLEBELL WARRIOR program is the only program in the world that brings these FOUR core principles together in a well-structured, easy-to-follow format that anyone wanting to get lean and muscular can use. 

And remember that this program isn’t just a mashup of scientific studies. Everything you are about to get has been tested and has shown to bring incredible results quickly. 

These patterns are hard-wired into your system. If you practice them daily, you can keep your body healthy and mobile.

  • Build muscle mass without bulking up
  • ​Burn fat and build a lean body without having to endure long hours of running or walking

The Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior is meant to give you the body you would get if you were to push the kettlebell to its limits.

The people who have tried this program have seen the fat melt away and felt the body swell with muscle mass. 

At the end of the program, they could get in front of the mirror and see visible change —without needing to flex the muscles or suck in the stomach.

The program runs for 6 weeks. And each week, you will have:

  • Three days of metabolic conditioning and advanced kettlebell flows
  • ​Two days of strength training
  • ​One day of active recovery

All you need is just one kettlebell, the full Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior program, and you are ready to:

  • Build lean muscle mass and get toned without looking too beefy
  • ​Carve a core that’s solid enough to handle demanding situations and muscular enough to get “wows”
  • ​Improve balance and coordination
  • ​Get better mobility and flexibility
  • ​Burn fat and lose weight. Research has shown that even a moderate kettlebell workout of 20 minutes can burn as much as 400 calories (the equivalent of running a mile in 6 minutes - the ultimate test for a recreational runner)
  • ​Increase muscle endurance which is beneficial in just about every activity, not only exercise 
  • ​Develop excellent speed and maintain a reservoir of explosive power 
  • ​Get a full-body workout every time you grab a kettlebell, eliminating the need to do other exercises (this will save time) 

All this and more inside the Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior program. 

    It took me months to put all this together, bringing my years of knowledge on kettlebell training and the results I have seen in the athletes I have trained. 

    So I’m sure you will find this program valuable.

    Here’s what people are saying…

    IKFF Founder says Bill Esch is Truly Best-of-the-Best!

    " Bill Esch is the Kettlebell Warrior, that rare breed of world-class athlete, world-class coach, and world-class student. Truly Best-of-the-Best, always striving, always, growing and always inspiring. Bill embodies a core value for me, which is leadership by example. He leads from the front by doing and showing the way. Athleticism isn’t enough, theoretical knowledge isn’t enough. Can do and can teach. Bill has it all and it is an honor to know him as a friend and colleague. Any chance you have to learn from Bill, run, don’t walk to train with one of the greats in the world of fitness and health education.”

    -Steve Cotter
    Director and Founder, IKFF

    Coach to NBA All-Stars & Olympic Athletes says Bill Esch will change your life!

    "I have traveled around the country working with elite athletes and exceptional high performers in many disciplines!  I have never met another true expert, in the field of fitness, who possesses more high-level knowledge across a wide variety of modalities.  Bill Esch is truly one of a kind and his knowledge will change your life!  I travel with kettlebells in my car and check his Instagram on a daily basis to learn new movements. His programming has me constantly looking forward to my next workout!"

    -Terry Shanahan 

    Nutrition & Optimal Performance Coach to NBA All- Stars, NFL Veterans, PGA Tour Players , Olympic Medalists, NCAA National Player of the Year, Elite Business Leaders
    You can indeed find lots of kettlebell workouts online. But finding one that’s as detailed as the Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior (or one that has been tested to work) is difficult.

    I came across this information after decades of lifting the kettlebell and testing different program combinations.

    And I had the good fortune of working with amazing clients, some of whom are athletes who played in the NFL. This allowed me to see first-hand the power of this program.

    And today, you have a chance to get your hands on it.
    But first, ask your self this…

    How much would you give to have a lean, powerful, muscular body?

    How much would you pay to have the mindset of a warrior who is ready to conquer any task at work, in life, or at the gym?

    How much would you give to have all that?

    You would say it’s priceless.

    When I coach people, sharing this program in person, I charge $2,500/mo. But that’s not what I will charge you today.

    You will not pay $397 either, which is the regular price for this program.

    Instead, if you get this today, you will only pay $97.

    But There Is More...

    You'll Receive (5) Bonuses (Value $835) When You Enroll in The Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior Program TODAY!!
    You'll Receive (5) Bonuses (Value $835) When You Enroll in The Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior Program TODAY!!

    BONUS #1: 
    Kettlebell Calibrate Tutorial

    Ready to discover the top kettlebell drills and how to do them correctly? This educational video series is for you. Learn the 30+ kettlebell drills used by the top militaries to train soldiers. This has a value of $97.

    BONUS #2: 
    Advanced Nutrition Guide

    Since nutrition plays a vital part of any training program, I will also throw in a nutritional guide to aid you on your way to a lean, strong, muscular body. 
    This is valued at $97.

    BONUS #3: 
    Breathing Technique 

    Want to perform at your maximum potential? I will show you a breathing technique that will make training longer and harder painless. This is the secret to having more juice to go on when others are quitting. Valued at $67.

    BONUS #4: 
    PNF Stretching

    Getting powerful and muscular with the kettlebell isn’t just about lifting. This stretching technique will help increase your muscle flexibility and strength. Valued at $77. You will get it for free. 

    BONUS #5: 
    Private Facebook Group

    You will also get free access to a private Facebook group to connect with others taking the Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior training program. You can motivate one another. Ask questions and get answers. Valued at $497.  

    That’s over $835 of Bonuses that you are getting for FREE. 

    Act Today!! Get the Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior program For Only $97

    I have been a kettlebell trainer for many years. And this training program you are about to get was reserved for the people I worked with 1-on-1.

    But seeing how much bad advice there is online about kettlebells, I can’t keep this away anymore. I want this to reach as many people as possible.

    Anyone who has ever dreamed of unlocking the full potential their body holds should have access to this program so that they can:
    • Develop the mindset of a warrior by challenging the body and the mind in a healthy way
    • ​Burn more fat and watch the pounds drop
    • ​Build big, toned muscles—forget the “kettlebells don’t build muscle” BS.
    • ​Achieve better health by getting a good full-body workout 
    • ​Develop better flexibility and build stronger joints
    It’s amazing how many people are feeling like zombies these days just because they don’t have the right activities to stimulate their lives. 
    The Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior program is meant to change that.

    Meet Bill Esch

    Bill Esch has earned his title as the Kettlebell Warrior: He trained with Russian National Team coaches, competed in Kettlebell Sport for more than a decade, and was the first U.S. man to achieve the classification of “Master of Sport International Class.” 

    In addition to being a kettlebell champion, he was also a Division I athlete in Football and competed in Collegiate Olympic Weightlifting. Bill has spent decades amassing knowledge about a multitude of fitness disciplines from Pilates and rehab to elite athletic training. 

    In his 28 years of owning and working in gyms, Bill has had the privilege of coaching a wide range of people and abilities. For Bill, fitness is an art, and he uses his creativity to keep workouts fresh and clients inspired. Bill helps people defend their health and find the power within to change their lives!
    You have a chance to get into a training program that has made some of the world’s most famous athletes, helping them gain strength, muscle mass, and tone.

    Are you ready to challenge your body and mind for 6 weeks inside the Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior program?

    One More Thing You Should Know

    Ever wanted an effective way to raise your testosterone levels?

    Remember that this hormone is responsible for how much muscle you can build. And it enables you to recover quickly from workouts.

    And when it's in low quantities, muscles disappear to be replaced by fat and man boobs. Brain fog and erectile dysfunction may also become problems.

    Now here is what you should know.

    While any weight training exercise can help increase testosterone, kettlebells top the list. There is no need to put up with deadlifts (which you shouldn't do more than once a week).

    Or risk knee injuries that come with squatting. Or suffer the high impact of sprinting.

    Ready to train like an athlete for the next 6 weeks inside the Ultimate Kettlebell Warrior program?
    Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. If you experience any pain or difficulty with these exercises, stop and consult your healthcare provider. William Esch, Kettlebelll Warrior, and its associates will not be deemed responsible if any injuries, aggravation of a pre-existing condition, or adverse effects, such as over-exertion or muscle strain occur during the exercise program. Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final. - All Rights Reserved - Copyright 2021